Being a part of the Women’s Real Estate Network – WREN means you’re a part of an unstoppable force of women real estate business thinkers! We create an environment where women in real estate will thrive and excel! We come together to swap ideas, share stories, and spark inspiration. Helping each other grow in business as well as personal wealth. Oh, and have FUN while doing it!  Let’s not leave that out!

Our meetings attract amazing female real estate professionals, flippers, lenders, syndicators and developers!  Lots of experience and amazing energy!

Premium Member:  Annual Dues $249.00    

As a new member, here are are some of the benefits you receive:

  • Free access to our monthly Member Only Networking Meeting (Member Connect) where you can schmooze, learn from or teach, get or offer help and build relationships for future business with active investors and members.

  • Free access to our monthly Educational Meeting where we share new concepts and dive deeper into various areas of real estate investing.

  • Exclusive access to our Members Only Facebook page where you can learn from, connect and network with other members 24/7 - post your deals, post your needs, find resources, guidance and suggestions.  

  • Discounts to our online education and annual events

  • Access to our Concierge to help you with a specific plan of action for you to be successful

  • Our exclusive “Work it, Girl” Networking training and volunteer opportunities

  • An opportunity for growth, contribution and leadership development with a front of stage focus, And much more!

Want more of the details? We knew you would:

  • “Work It Girl” Your Network Training: How many business cards do you have sitting in a drawer that you’ve never done anything with? Are you tired of going to events, networking and not moving your business forward? Networking is more than just exchanging business cards. We’ve developed a 3 part module training to make you a networking goddess.  With this training we help you transform networking from those dreaded awkward encounters where you exchange cards and then nothing to show you how to form trusted, strong business relationships that are mutually beneficial and where you can grow your deal flow, money partners, and other business opportunities by successfully implementing some key networking hints & practices.
  • A PERSONALIZED, GUIDED PLAN to grow your business:  Our WREN Concierge will guide you through our network, training and events so you will always know who and where to turn when you need help.  Based on your answers to the initial membership survey you will also be guided to the specific training to move your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. It’s like having a personal WREN assistant to make your life easier!
  • NETWORKING CONNECTION EVENTS: Networking with like-minded women who have a similar interest – real estate. WREN is made up of heart-centered women entrepreneurs who want to lift up and support other women. Our members range from brand new and just getting started to having 30+ years of experience. We have developers, wholesalers, private lenders, rehabbers, note buyers and every other area of the business you can imagine. Join other active women real estate business owners and stay educated and informed on the topics everyone’s talking about. As an active WREN member you will have access to: 24 Meetings a Year (12 exclusively for members, 12 subject oriented).   Through these meetings you will have the opportunity to develop new skills and be exposed to new business ideas from our expert speakers.  You’ll also have the benefit of learning more in-depth topics directly from women who are successful in their field. Hands on expertise and mastery are just a networking event away!
  • NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY:  Looking at buying a mobile home park in Little Rock, AR while living in Orange County, CA, and need some pictures, a drive by and an outside opinion on the property . . . we bet there is a member for that!   As part of our national membership you will have access and become a part of our exclusive, Members Only Facebook page and Membership Directory.  You will be connected to our members at the click of a mouse. WREN members helping wren members is a common thread.  Have questions – get answers. Have deals – sell them. Need money – find sources.  Our network is active, powerful and helpful.
  • EDUCATION:  Through our monthly meetings you will have educational opportunities through case studies, experienced speakers and valuable members. We also offer access to masterminds, specialized training and education on various topics on a regular basis, things like: getting started, creative financing, raising capital and much more.
  • ANNUAL IGNITE EVENT:  what better way to combine networking and education than an annual event dedicated to just that! Each year Wren members gather to learn, exchange ideas, grow personally & professionally and network with one another. Complete with general sessions, break-out rooms for specialized training, motivation, education, National speakers, and networking. Ignite is not to be missed. Members enjoy preferred seating, expedited check in and more!
  • RESOURCES: contracts, checklists, graphics, referrals, sponsors and much more are all great resources and available for WREN members to use to grow their business. 
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU: Remember, our goal is to help you excel and to empower you and one of the ways we do that is to elevate you and your story. We want to share your story of overcoming struggles, showing extreme courage, success, learning from setbacks and more.  As a member, you’ll have the chance to share case studies and get expert “front of the room” training to help you build your confidence, generate credible exposure and give encouragement and knowledge to others. Great growth comes from sharing your journey and helping to leading others to prosperity.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  Committing to a group of your peers can be very effective as an accountability partner and WREN ladies are fantastic at providing accountability to other members. You will also have the option, through our concierge, of upgrading your membership to include accountability strategy sessions if a little more specific support is needed. 
  • MASTERMINDS: Wren members who have achieved a minimum level of success will be invited to special, members only mastermind events to catapult their connections and business development to the next level. These meetings are by invitation only and will require documentation of requirements.
  • DISCOUNTS: Exclusive Savings to 19+ vendors and member-only deals and offers from our partners and supporters. This benefit alone pays for membership!